15.09.2012, 06:43 ::
Hi ya Su,In California it's legal to take fruit from anyone's tree and eat it. It's "food from God."I keep that photo of the pwoered milk and repost it now and then. It stirs me. Keeps me angry in a good way.The's all standard stuff. The Zionists puppets go to the UN to walk out on Ahmadinejad, what the hell they get paid for it. Natenyahu bleats his standard blatherand his canned fans are always there for support.I don't know, the world is pro Palestinian, the evil masterminds could not have expected that. I'm sure the idea was to be rid of the Palestinians by now! Can't begin to imagine how they are going to deal with it. Have you ever noticed that Israel's "existence" is always being defended but there is never any question of Palestine's "existence?" Is that because Palestine just IS (and always was) and Israel is just written on a flimsy piece of paper? It just proves how fragile the state of Israel is. "Israel has the right to exist" they repeat it over and over. Thou doth protest too much!I had to google old Franco of Spain...I knew the name but didn't know the history!

21.08.2007, 00:36 ::
chyba jest podobny do zarowki

18.08.2007, 22:04 ::

no dwa razy juz sprawdziłam czy napewno to ta genialna artystka Ka do o do ka do a napisała do mnie skromnej fotoblogerki na gronie


18.08.2007, 20:31 ::
a dziękuję, dziękuję :)

18.08.2007, 20:30 ::
Cholera, to jest świetne!
Cholera, to jest świetne!